I had Occupied the Starbucks by Zuccotti park for well on three hours and I was beginning to get spiteful and bored at everything, naturally. For land sakes I am experiencing the first 48 hours in NYC, I should be doing incredible things all day everyday, no mediocrity! Sometimes I tend to get stuck in one place for so long as some strange involuntary form of punishment. Hell is a cold Starbucks with 1%ers and holiday music. After waiting far to long I decided to get out of there and head back to Zuccotti with my friend Eli. Best idea ever! Star Hawk, a women who had lead the spirit circle at D12 was leading a meditation and de-stress session at the park.

I am a huge believer in the healing power of the throat shokra in affecting ones entire shokra alignment. Nothing in my life makes me feel more whole and complete than uninhibited non-linear singing with beautiful people. This was nothing short of absolute collapse of negativity and full-body healing. I have never felt more connected with a group of people in my life. Where I am completely empathetic of their trouble and they of mine. There is a mutual pain that we share, and an even greater mutual joy. It is know throughout us, that if we do not make these bonds of love, then the revolution shall never succeed.

Hearing Star Hawks wisdom and calm after a day of such violence and noise rocked my soul in so many ways. Being in NYC has given me such incredible perspective and every hour on the hour I seem to have another break down. The tears of this movement are precious and well deserved, they are healing and they are accepted. Living within a community where showing emotion is of the utmost importance brings up such absolute good in people (but also, it leads to some horrible thing). But, every wonderful thing has a down side.



#D12 was a shining example of what is true and pure within the Occupy Movement. The protesters possessed nothing but signs and gigantic smiles, dancing inside of the Winter garden building chanting  “New york is the peoples town!” The Officers possessed anger, oppression, hatred, and batons. I had never experienced the mythological beasts of the NYPD, but the rumors of their malicious intent were well founded and truthful beyond belief. They had no respect for human life, and by violating very petty laws the participants of the protest were subject to implorable violence from a regime of faceless dictatorship.

The march began across the street from Zucotti park at the “Red Cube” where a couple hundred invigorated revolutionaries showed up at 7:30am ready to march in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in solidarity whom were shutting down the ports on the West Coast. This wasn’t simply a solidarity march, although the consensus was that #D12 was the day for the West Coast to shine. The thesis of the march was to portray through political theater, the proverbial “squidding” that the bankers execute upon the lower and working class to bring more and more capital gain to their fat suckling faces.

At around 8:00am the march began down the street towards The World Financial Center. The march was not the largest, in fact most OWS folk said they were disappointed with the turn out, but honestly, you can’t hope to get 10,000 people on a Monday morning. But, it was certainly the most lively and rambunctious crowd I had ever had the pleasure to march with. We marched along the crowded streets of NYC telling commuters to come join us and spontaneously making up chants to shout at the top of our lungs.

When we arrived at the Winter garden building the marched stopped for a lively chanting of Anti-Capitalist in Spanish. Which started obscenely loud, with people jumping up and down and suddenly huddling in to a whisper that got lower and lower until the crowd decided it was time to get loud again. It was reminiscent of a revolutionary-themed Animal House Party. After the crowd calmed down a bit and caught its breathe some direct action people had organized a fake press conference with The Squid. The crowd enjoyed the performance and much of the people in the front of the crowd were rolling in laughter, but due to spontanious ‘mic checks’ much of the dialogue was lost.

When things seemed to be calming down after the press conference word was going around that we were going to split up and reconvene inside of the Wintergarden shopping and business complex. I had been involved in a couple of marches that used this tactic in Portland and due to the lack of initiative they often failed to make an impact, but here I had hope.

The entire crowd dispersed in a matter of minutes and knew exactly where they were going. Moments later inside of the Wintergarden (a huge marble dome with a semi-cirlce staircase going up the center there were hundreds of Occupiers non-shulontly walking around the plaza. When it was obvious everyone had shown up the Occupiers erupted. The sound of the people was amplified ten-fold within the marble ‘cathedral’ and every security person on duty simultaneously coward and ran toward the ruckus.

We were then lead in an amazing circle dance which was three tiered and intertwining and beautiful. Obviously, the security wasn’t going to stand for people having fun in their establishment and forced their way to the middle of the circle and started announcing something on a megaphone about lawful orders to disperse, but no one could hear it over the sound of the joyous people. After the announcement the goon squad came in with riot helmet and covered up name tags and began abusing their powers by pushing people around and smashing property. Within moments a couple live stream people had apparently been arrested and the entire crowd was surrounded. Until, a group broke through and went up the escalator to break out of the corral the police had created. A second group then pushed through the circle towards the stairs and most of the people were able to successfully escape the trap they had set for us.

It was then a cat and mouse game. The police began chasing down protesters, grabbing them by the neck, pushing them down the stairs and throwing them into chairs and benches. The violence was quick to agitate and resembled a mix between a 1890’s British pub brawl and a father beating his daughter for being to happy. The fact that the floor was very slippery resulted in injury and an inability to stand our ground, because the cops could simply push us along and there was little resistance that could be presented. At one point I found myself literally flying out the front from a shoulder check some ‘roid raging gorilla gave me.

Eventually the NYPD had cleared out the plaza with their spoils of war locked inside. Supposed leaders, media people, and strong individuals whom had refused to leave. The scene was than watched through the huge glass windows where people shouted “Your mother is watching” while the folks inside were systematically arrested.  When it became obvious that the large crowd outside was not going to leave they then sent a line of riot cops and barricades to keep the peaceful protesters from looking at them.

It was later reported that the Police had successfully shutdown the shopping plaza, which is owned by Goldman Sachs. Another victory in solidarity in solidarity with the NYPD!

We than headed back to Zuccotti Park for a debrief and bagels.

Here’s a pretty perfect video of the police breaking up our joyful convergence with despicable violence