The last two large city encampments of the Occupy Movement have been served notices today that will place incredibly strict regulations on being in the park.
No sleeping bags
No sleeping
You can have tents
But they have to stay open 24 hours
These regulations come as a menacing blow to the Occupations at Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square. The inability to stay warm in the dead of winter, the inability to sleep, and the inability to fend off vermin from entering your tent could result in the possible death of over-exposed human beings. This is unjust and completely inhumane. People may say ‘Why don’t you just go home’ but the harsh reality is that many of us do not have homes, this encampment is their only home. How can a government that is supposed to work for the people deliver a certain death-blow to its citizens; regardless of race or stature?

This travesty began last Tuesday during a House oversight committee meeting  where Republican lawmakers questioned why camping has been allowed at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. The outcome of the meeting was jumbled in a mess of bureaucratic statements that no one could seem to decipher. But now it is very clear what the repercussions of this meeting are.

They have taken our voices, they have taken our rights and now they are taking away our homes. They are afraid that we are able to govern ourselves, that we can live without them, that we are stronger without them. They want to destroy the coin that made us strong. We will stand in defiance of their guns. We will not bow to their show of force.

For McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza

This is a picture of the notice served today, it’s a little hard to see but basically it says ‘camping materials must be removed and temporary structures must be left open to allow for inspection.’

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