How the Government Killed the Bill of Rights:

Ever since the Bill of Rights was signed by our Founding Fathers, to ensure the protection of the freedoms of American Citizens, there have been forces at work trying to take away the freedoms we so value. The battle to maintain our freedoms was lost on December 31st 2011, when President Obama discreetly signed the NDAA late on New Years Eve.

The NDAA, a defense budgeting bill which sets guidelines and finance for security, was drafted for 2012, including the controversial Section 1021 and 1022. Section 1021 confirms the President’s ability to detain anyone thought to be a supporter of any terrorist organization without a trial, until the end of hostilities with these groups. If this wasn’t bad enough section 1022 states that those detained on U.S. soil, whether detained indefinitely or not, are required to be held by the United States Armed Forces. Essentially this means that the government now has the right to detain any American Citizen, without evidence and without the right of Habius Corpus (a right given to us from the very founding of this country.)

This does not only violate our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, but violates national human rights laws. To make matters exceedingly worse for our liberties at stake congress is trying feverishly to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act. This Act gives the government the right to disable any website which may harbor copyright infringing material, without warning, without due process, clearly violating our first amendment. This act is supported outright by many mega-corporations such as: Disney, Wal-Mart, Viacom and hundreds more.

Very soon now as we spiral into an Oligarchic-Police-State the childish excuse that “it’s a free country” will be sadly sarcastic. It is now the job of the American People to stand up against the forces which try to dictate us against our will. Although they try again and again to keep us silent, we must give these forces a lesson in history. Our founding Mothers and Fathers did not die for our freedoms for them to be taken away while we sit idly by. They cannot expect these treasonous actions to be met with docility, they shall be met with louder voices and heads held high and proud.

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