Occupy Congress
A wake
A path

Creosote soaked
Black, translucent, petrified leaves
Fracture and burn
Inside of skull

Pellet breath
And a heart roaring, destroying
These souls no longer
Flat and cut from a flag of
Blood, lies and idolatry

Red, white and hypocrisy
Terror in peace packed, moon-caked boots
A nightmare purpose on this plane

Christmas bulbs snap between teeth
Our lacerating smile of
Crimson teeth in a blood filled mouth
Swallow. Rise.

We will no longer stay silent.

by TaraY

Our Government has failed us. They have allowed corporations to dominate the lives of every citizen of the 99.99% in a tyranny which makes dictators of old look civil. They run our lives, they tell us what to buy, they control the supply of all resources and when we choose to stand against it or request an alternative we are beat down.

They have destroyed our environment, continually blocked sustainable forms of energy. They have poisoned our food and put a price on the antidotes for their poisons. They have eliminated our civil liberties and called us terrorists for wanting them back. We can no longer allow the government which was created to protect the people to turn away from us and allow the destruction of our liberties to persist. Furthermore, we can no longer allow these terrorist organizations to coerce us into a world of absolute chaos and domination, we must stand up and disallow the New World Order they have planned for us.

This is a call to action for every able bodied human being to participate in the reclamation of our government and to create a system that will continue to work for the people and not against us. On January 17th we will take to the National Mall in Washington D.C. with tents, kitchens, and our voices and send a message to Congress. “Ordinary citizens are not being represented by their elected officials.” I implore that every Occupation around the world approve and participate in this action, by either attending or Occupying your local government on this national day of action. Together we can voice a message so loud that it cannot be ignored anymore and to prove to them that the more they try to silence us the louder we shall get.

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